com.github.yangyichao-mango » utils Artistic. Resilience4j comes with other features like Rate Limiter, Retry and Bulkhead along with Circuit Breaker pattern. The key concept behind this pattern is providing a way to get the expected response, despite network disruption, after retrying to invoke the same service one or more times. Overview: In this tutorial, I would like to demo Bulkhead Pattern, one of the Microservice Design Patterns for designing highly resilient Microservices using a library called resilience4j along with Spring Boot. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. I did 3 request at time, the system behaved like this: But, I hope that request waiting in the queue only wait for 3ms, because is the configured time. A ship is split into small multiple compartments using Bulkheads. Consider below micro-services invocation flow(Application A -> Application B -> Slow Application). io.github.resilience4j » resilience4j-spring-boot2 Apache Resilience4j is a lightweight, easy-to-use fault tolerance library designed for Java8 and functional programming Last Release on Oct 9, 2020 I am using the Resilience4j library. thread pools) and reduce the risk that a problem with one slow remote resource call will take down the entire application. With a bulkhead design, a ship is divided into multiple watertight compartments called bulkheads. GitHub is where people build software. I've dabbled around with other programming languages, but Java is where I feel most at home.